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Hi, I'm an article writer for

office design hacks and tips.

My team and I are here to write you excellent articles about the interior design of an office.

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What We Write

Our articles usually include 5-15 hacks/tips.

Examples of previous topics:

How to...

Add more light to an office

Make a cozy office with DIY ideas

Choose the best IKEA products

Change the look of your office

Reorganize an office

Turn a room into a home office

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Meet The Team

Since 2017 we have been providing fantastic content to clients all over the world. 

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Asher Lines, Specialist Writer

I've  been writing professionally for over 7 years. Aged 17, I wrote an article for the Guardian Magazine. I graduated in Writing and Literature at Birmingham City University with a First Class Bachelor degree.

Since then I developed my niche in interior design hacks. I write articles which have always been well received (we also offer scriptwriting). My 3 years of experience in this niche will earn you money as it will ensure high quality content for your business.

I've been blessed with multiple positive reviews from past clients which praise my writing skill and understanding of the industry. 

My portfolio showcases my highly developed skills. Reviews from past clients and my portfolio are additional proof of my high quality profitable writing. 

I work with assistant writers to ensure excellent quality and speedy delivery.

Any new clients are covered by our 110% money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. Since other writers rarely offer this we can promise you a risk-free experience with no budget concerns.

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Hi, I have 4 years of experience in writing articles in DIY tips. My articles focus on being easy to follow and inspirational.

James Wills

Assistant Article Writer

Hey, I've written scripts for how-to DIY videos. 

My experience working as an assistant writer for Asher Lines has developed skills in making scripts that can be shot within a budget.

Sandy Tibbs

Assistant Scriptwriter

Hi, I handle client communication to make our turnaround quicker and clarify project expectations.

Vanessa Mendes


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We have three packages available:

Standard package

Assistant Writer James will write an article for you. He delivers fantastic content.

Expert package

Specialist Writer Asher will write your article. His experience and skill are on offer for only 30% extra. 

Team package

Specialist Writer Asher and Assistant Writer James will work together to create a truly exceptional project for you. This costs twice the price of the expert package.




The Process

We have our own process for coming up with new, original DIY hacks.


However, we also have a self-made library of hacks we choose from. The variety we offer will boost the quality of your content. 

If we work together, I will consider the style of your content, the budget and, of course, your creative vision.


Proposal & Quote

We quote you a price for your project idea and write up a treatment. 


This usually takes 2 working days. For price guidelines you can contact us.

Writing Process

We brainstorm, work out an outline, develop it into a strong treatment and write the article... all with you hearing what we're doing.

Project Brief

We have a discussion to understand what you want us to do. We'd love hearing about your process and vision

Your Revisions

You give us any revisions you'd like before we deliver the project!

Do you only write articles?

We also write scripts for interior design hacks. 


Do you write in other niches?

Interior design hacks are our specialties but we're open to anything

I want someone full-time

Sure, let us know the details on our contact page and we'll make it work

How much does this cost?

We offer excellent rates, please contact us for more information

I'm still hesitant

We can arrange a video call with you. Please visit our contact page.

My question isn't answered here

Sorry to hear that. Ask us a question by clicking the icon in the bottom right! 

Some DIY hacks are original and most of our hacks are rare on the internet. We compile a different list of hacks for each client. It's paramount that you stand out from your competitors. We understand that. The no. of original hacks will depend on the topic. Tips on 'how to clean your computer screen' will be less original than tips on 'how to have fun at work.' There are already several cheap, quick & efficient ways to clean a computer screen.

Will your content be recycled content?

We vary our hacks from client to client 

We offer...

A Specialist


Excellent Reviews from Satisfied Clients

An Impressive Portfolio

A Team For Speedy Delivery

A Clear Process Based Around YOU