Below are a few projects we wrote articles for:

11 Office Cleaning Hacks

Client wanted hacks that most people didn't know about but which they could use frequently. 

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7 Ways To Create A Pleasant Work Environment For Your Employees

The target audience for this article were managers. The article covers steps to implement for a better work environment.

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8 Keyboard Shortcut Hacks Every Computer User Needs To Know

This article was written as a quick guide for keyboard hacks.

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5 Tips to WFH Productively

This article goes relatively in depth on 5 key productivity hacks. 

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Calm Lake

It was a pleasure working with Asher and his team. They were very communicative, professional and their work was great.

Tony Davies, BubVisuals 

A Case Study

A client had requested 8-10 ideas/creations to decorate your office with. They wanted these creations to be DIY ideas which a typical worker could make out of mostly household items and easily bought items, such as a DIY pillow. Their budget for materials for the creations would be $80. 

We went to work and liaised with the client to ensure they got the creations they wanted. Eventually we organised 10 creations into a video script for them to shoot. 

After we delivered the script, the producer's boss said the project was cancelled. They would still pay us but the company no longer wanted to fund the film production. 

We were hoping the video could still be made at zero budget since this would impress the client. The film producer was on board too- she said she would film using her camera and had two actor friends.


The prop budget was still an issue since the producer had only bought two items. Although she could find most of the other materials at home, we didn't have material for 5 of the hacks. 

We reinvented these hacks so they could be made with material the producer already had. For example, our foot hammock idea required a soft, cotton cloth but we substituted this for different soft material the producer had bought to layer a coaster. When she tested it, the hammock was still very comfortable. 

The producer filmed the video in her spare time and her boss published it. He later said he was surprised by our dedication and creativity. Viewers loved the video, making it one of their most successful videos of the month. This prompted them to give us a small bonus for our extra work and to commission us again for a similar video.